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Welcome to Series 1 of your Online Outdoor Bootcamp Program

Sweat NationZw is Zimbabwe’s first and only authentic outdoor Bootcamp. Our facilities are set in a wooded area and our training is mostly about the ‘experience’ as much as it is about fitness. Team work, hard work and fun, is what you can expect to experience in our training space.

In setting up this Online Bootcamp series, I am hoping that you will walk away sweaty, feeling challenged and yet having had a great time. This is an outdoor program for you and a friend. The heart and feel of a Bootcamp program is inspired by team work and camaraderie. So go ahead and invite a friend on Your Subscription then pick a name for your team. Please Keep us updated by sending in your team photos to our Face book community page (CLICK HERE) or use the hashtag *#thegrindsweatnation* on your Instagram or Facebook platforms.

Series 1 is 4 weeks long. There are 3 workouts a week which will help you achieve both Physical and Mental fitness. Exercises are set to target multiple muscle groups at the same time. Our Videos are packed with everything you need to develop strength, stamina, fitness, drop body fat and to develop better health. These exercises can be done anywhere where you have a bit of outdoor space. Find your inner-child, have fun, work hard and give it a great shot whilst creating good habits. You will need, a friend, water, a mat each and Small car tyre each for Series 1. By the time you get to series 3 you will need to add a transport truck tyre to your collection

Series 2, 3, 4 & 5 are available in that order after completion of 1st Program.

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